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International Media Consultant and Radio Specialist

With 34 years experience in the commercial radio market, Steve King has brought success to some of the biggest radio brands in the UK. He has a proven track record in taking under-performing radio brands to market leadership and increased profit. We can help you grow and develop a successful radio brand.

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Brand Building

We will work with your team to develop a plan for sustainable brand growth; a pathway to success that takes into account all the complexities of your market. Based on a formula that has already proved to be successful in many of the UK’s most competitive markets, your Brand Plan will including strategies for the development of every aspect of the product.

Talent Development

The ability to manage talent is vital in any media organisation - radio presenters are performers who constantly need inspiration and guidance. Steve King has worked closely with some of the most talented radio presenters in the UK. He has developed several market leading breakfast shows and also has extensive experience with senior team development and coaching on both an individual and group basis.

Audio Imaging

Audio imaging plays a vital part in establishing station identity. We can provide advice, support, and content to help develop, sustain and strengthen your radio brand.


We can provide market studies that will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your product, and that of your competitors - the results will provide you with clear and actionable strategies designed to generate growth in listening. We also provide in depth music and content testing services that will strengthen your product immediately.

Promotions & Contesting

When you've improved the product, you need to get the attention of both the audience and potential audience. We have developed successful contests and promotions designed to create a stir in the market, and encourage product trial.

Events & Other Revenue

Improving the product is one thing, but can you turn that growth into additional revenue? Steve King has a track record of developing product led revenue growth strategies designed to improve the bottom line. He is also a specialist in staging station branded events, and has managed over 30 multi-artist arena events during the last five years.

"Steve is one of the most experienced and successful radio programmers in Europe. His ability to grow and develop radio brands in markets of all sizes sets him apart from the crowd. He is also an experienced Station Director with a track record in revenue and profit growth. I'd be delighted to work with him again."

Travis Baxter
Content and External Affairs Director, Bauer Media

"Steve has a passion for radio that is so needed right now. He has a proven track record of managing multiple radio brands and keeping them on-strategy. He knows how to use research to drive a strategy and help build stronger connections for listeners."

Hal Rood
Partner Strategic Radio Solutions, Inc.

"Steve is a top class programmer. His understanding, consideration, professionalism, drive, sense of purpose and clarity in his professionalism ranks him, to me, as the best Group PD available. There was no element of the station's output that Steve wasn't prepared to discuss or work on. His full understanding of marketplaces, the radio industry and each station's individuality was outstanding. And with all that, he was a bloody nice bloke to work with. Would be happy work with Steve again."

David Harber
Commercial Manager, Radio Today | Global Brand Director, | Commercial Manager, Express FM, Media Response

Steve King has over 34 years of experience in commercial radio with over 20 years at board level. He is a specialist in programming and business strategy, management, new media, events, business transformation and coaching. He has worked successfully in large complex organisations and in small streamlined companies. He is a performance driven business leader, with a proven track record of success in increasing profits, and rapid business and audience growth. As a programmer he has brought success to some of the UK's biggest commercial radio brands including Key 103 (Manchester), Radio City (Liverpool), and Radio Clyde (Glasgow). Steve was the group Programme Director for Emap Radio for 5 years and has been a member of the Bauer Radio senior team for over 10 years.

He has experience at all levels in the radio business, working with single services and multiple brands. He has created market leading radio brands, revived the fortunes of loss making services and developed new successful product and revenue initiatives.

Some of our current clients include Bauer Media, Exaget, and Pulse 8 Media.


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